AF Rayspeed TS1 200cc & 225cc Aluminum Reed Valve Kits

Visit the new AF Rayspeed web site for more info on Rayspeed parts AF Rayspeed TS1 Cylinder Kit -The world's number one performance cylinder kit for 200cc Lambrettas, available in 200cc or 225cc versions. The cylinder is aluminum alloy with a nikasil plated bore, which provides optimum heat transfer and drastically reduces the chance of piston seizure. Porting includes an integral reed valve intake, five transfer ports (four main transfers and one boost port off the intake), and a single exhaust port. Rayspeed claims 27.6hp at the crankshaft for the 200cc kit, as compared to about 11hp for a stock GP200. The 225cc kit makes about the same peak power, but at lower revs.

A stock SX or GP200 cylinder head can be used with the 200cc kit, or even more power can be had by milling the head for higher compression. Cylinder head reprofiling is required for the 225cc version.

The intake manifold will accept carburators from 30-35mm, with a 32mm flat slide Mikuni (LambrettaWorks #453) being an excellent choice for all around road use and a 35mm TMX (#455) being best for maximum bolt-on performance.

The carb is relocated to the right hand (kickstart) side of the engine compartment, and scooters with a battery will need to have the battery tray cut off and relocated elsewhere, usually to the opposite side of the frame. The cylinder kit includes the cylinder, Asso piston with two rings, wrist pin, circlips, reed valve assembly, intake manifold, hardware, and all gaskets.

Because of the increased stresses on the engine, all bearings, clutch, transmission components, etc. must be in top condition. Yamaha clutch springs (#603.B) or a center spring (#603.D) must be used in the clutch, and a GP200 crankshaft in good condition is a must.

The exhaust system can be an expansion chamber or a large bore GP200 system. The GP200 system will give tremendous midrange torque, while keeping the peak revs in check and maximizing reliability. An expansion chamber system will unleash the full potential of the motor, giving a huge rush of power all the way through to peak revs. This setup can also be quite reliable, if the higher revving capabilities provided by the pipe are not abused. We offer two basic versions of our expansion chambers: one for 200cc and another for 225cc kits, starting at $280. We also stock the GP200 system. in either case a special TS1 flange must be welded to the header pipe. We sell all of our expansion chambers with either a standard flange or the TS1 flange, and we can weld a TS1 flange onto a GP200 system for you for a small fee, or sell you the flange separately.
  • Aluminum cooling fins for improved cooling and expansion properties compared to stock cylinders. Because the fins are cast around the bore and ports, the sleeve can never come loose, and cooling is greatly improved due to better heat transfer.
  • Cast iron bore allows reboring if necessary
  • Four transfer ports as in the TS1 kit for improved power output throughout the rev range
  • Stage 4 intake and exhaust port timings for better high RPM performance
  • High quality Asso brand piston with two 1.5mm rings for durability and performance
  • Accepts standard intake and exhaust manifolds (minimum recommended components are GP200 22mm carb and large bore exhaust system, delivering approximately 13hp)
  • More power obtainable with use of larger carb (up to 35mm) and expansion chamber system (delivering 15-18hp)
  • Maximum power (comparable to TS1) obtainable with addition of reed valve manifold #472.A ($235) and additional boost port in cylinder ($60). Removal of the battery tray from the frame is not needed as with the TS1, power output of 20hp or more is obtainable, and unlike the TS1 the cylinder can be rebored without expensive replating (use of reed valve manifold requires a hole in the left side panel for carburator).
  • Use with a stock 200cc cylinder head
  • All necessary gaskets included
  • Available soon in 225cc version

LambrettaWorks Catalog #0174.A, complete 200cc kit (head not included):

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