GranTurismo 175cc Cast Iron Touring Kits

If Innocenti had never ceased production of Lambrettas, a top end very similar to the Granturismo cylinder kit may very well have been adopted as the next stage in engine development. It is perfect for the owner who wants a stock looking setup with the advantages of a reed valve intake system and a modern port layout. The kit comes standard with a 25mm manifold, which puts the carb in the original left hand position and allows the use of the stock air box and filter setup. This reduces intake noise, while also providing a consistent flow of air for consistent jetting under a wide variety of conditions and a excellent filtration for a long lasting setup. The cylinder is cast iron, which has several advantages - primarily that it can be rebored in the unlikely event of a seizure or other type of failure which damages the cylinder wall. The heavier cast iron also absorbs more vibration and dampens noise refracted through the fins when compared to light weight aluminum cylinders. The exhaust port layout is the same as standard cylinders, allowing the use of a wide variety of exhaust systems. The power output of the standard kit is very impressive, even with a 24mm or 25mm carb and a standard exhaust system. We have not yet dyno tested the kit, but it surely puts out more power than a stock GP200 (approx. 10hp) even with a standard exhaust, with the added benefits of extra low rpm torque and driveability thanks to the reed valve. Add a GP200 large bore exhaust or an expansion chamber system and the power will rise well past the GP200 and into the 12-14hp range. A 190cc cylinder head will also be required (~$87). It is designed for use on all Li/SX/GP/DL 125/150cc models, including Spanish Serveta 150 Special and Indian SIL GP150 versions.
  • Reborable cast iron cylinder
  • Race quality Wiseco brand forged piston kit
  • 4 petal reed valve with carbon fiber reed petals
  • Left hand 24/25mm intake manifold (or optional right hand 28/30mm manifold with kit #0176.B)
  • Special intake gaskets
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Also available for use with TV175 crankshafts, #0176.ATV (24 or 25mm carb), or #0176.BTV (28 or 30mm carb)

LambrettaWorks Catalog #0176.A, complete kit (head not included)

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