Imola 125cc to 175cc Aluminum Reed Valve Kits

Updated versions of Tino Sacchi's Imola cylinder kits are now in stock. Improvements include: a redesigned rubber intake manifold which offers easier installation and removal of the manifold with the engine in the frame (as well as more protection to the carburetor from engine vibrations), a reshaped exhaust port for more top end power, and more material around the base of the transfer ports to allow for very large port areas if the engine case is welded up and remachined. Both kits are now available with a 62mm long stroke crankshaft, which adds about 15cc of capacity and a big boost in low end and midrange power. The Imola kit with a 64mm bore thus becomes 199cc (a standard 200cc Lambretta is actually 198cc).

LambrettaWorks Catalog #0174.A, complete 200cc kit (head not included):

  • Aluminum cooling fins for improved cooling and expansion properties compared to stock cylinders. Because the fins are cast around the bore and ports, the sleeve can never come loose, and cooling is greatly improved due to better heat transfer.
  • Cast iron bore allows reboring if necessary
  • Four transfer ports as in the TS1 kit for improved power output throughout the rev range
  • Stage 4 intake and exhaust port timings for better high RPM performance
  • High quality Asso brand piston with two 1.5mm rings for durability and performance
  • Accepts standard intake and exhaust manifolds (minimum recommended components are GP200 22mm carb and large bore exhaust system, delivering approximately 13hp)
  • More power obtainable with use of larger carb (up to 35mm) and expansion chamber system (delivering 15-18hp)
  • Maximum power (comparable to TS1) obtainable with addition of reed valve manifold #472.A ($235) and additional boost port in cylinder ($60). Removal of the battery tray from the frame is not needed as with the TS1, power output of 20hp or more is obtainable, and unlike the TS1 the cylinder can be rebored without expensive replating (use of reed valve manifold requires a hole in the left side panel for carburator).
  • Use with a stock 200cc cylinder head
  • All necessary gaskets included
  • Available soon in 225cc version
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