How We do it:

As the popularity of vintage scooters has soared worldwide, their values have risen accordingly, and the holy grail of an affordable "restored" vintage scooter has been sought after by many. These days a lot of "restored" scooters are coming into the U.S. from the far east, and many of them end up on web auction sites such as ebay (see our restoration page for more information on our definition of a proper restoration). In some cases such scooters sell for as much or less than we charge in labor alone to do a proper restoration. In our experience, many of these scooters are very suspect and some are not worth their weight in scrap metal.

In some instances the things we have seen would be excellent fodder for a "B" grade horror flick: soda pop can shims throughout the engine, frames that are bent beyond repair but put back on the road anyhow, "TV175's" with resleeved Li150 cylinders and useless sand cast ripoffs of front disc brake hubs, and on and on... In several instances we have scrapped complete engines including the cases because there was not one part that wasn't completely worn out, welded up and ground back down by hand, and often then polished, chromed or painted over to try to hide the bodgery - and this includes crucial elements such as crankshafts, clutch baskets, and front fork assemblies! Bear in mind that our standards are the highest in the world, and our goal when rebuilding a motor or restoring a complete scooter is not just to get it back on the road, but to see it last 20,000-30,000 miles or more.

This is not to say that every scooter from the far east is worthless, or that every scooter that was imported from Europe is fault free. Before we sell restored scooters, we do all of our work with the intent to exactly replicate Innocenti's design standards and build quality (and to improve on them if necessary), so that when a restored scooter leaves here it will run for 30,000 miles or more if properly maintained. Please also be aware that our definition of a restored scooter is in the strictest sense of the word. If the scooter is not as close as possible to being original in every respect, including paint scheme and color, type of hardware used (including such details as plating and hex size), proper seats, cad plating where necessary, etc., the scooter is not properly restored. Now just because a particular scooter is not 100% original, that does not necessarily make it any less of a machine. It's just that technically it falls in the "custom" category. It may be a matter of semantics, but we prefer to keep our terminology clear.

Please be aware that we sell only scooters sourced either from within the U.S. or recent imports from Italy. If the scooter we are selling is "unrestored", we give you the straight scoop on its condition. In our opinion an unrestored scooter with original paint, no body filler and some minor flaws is a better buy than a "restored" scooter that has the wrong color of body rubber, the wrong seats, lots of body filler, and assorted chrome bits added to cover up its flaws. Remember too that we stock every spare part possible to ensure that if you do buy an unrestored scooter from us, we can help you restore it back to factory new or renovated to your own liking.

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