What's New at LambrettaWorks - August, 2004

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NEW! - "The Complete Spanner's Workshop Manual for Lambretta Slimstyle Scooters "
For as long as most of us can remember, the ultimate authority as far as Lambretta repair manuals is concerned has been "The Lambretta Home Workshop Manual". With its origins in the 1960's and occasional updates since then, it has been the one book owners of chain drive Lambrettas would turn to for advice on repair and maintenance. Well, it's safe to say that that's all going to change. Martin "Sticky" Round has delivered a painstakingly researched and well laid out manual that is sure to become "The Lambretta Bible".

Packed with full color photos and diagrams in it's 200+ full sized 8.5"x11" pages, this manual covers all aspects of maintaining, repairing, and upgrading your Series 3 Lambretta, from frame and bodywork issues, to electrical issues, to major engine work including installation of cylinder kits such as the AF Rayspeed TS1. Note that though the manual is written specifically for Series 3 machines, much of the mechanical information pertains to all Series 1 and 2 machines (except for TV Series 1). Only obvious differences like bodywork issues and some electrical system changes will not apply to the earlier series of machines. We have just received a large shipment of these books, but we expect them to go very fast, so grab your copy now!

Item #1301.C, $45.60

Switch Knob for LD MK3 Light Switches - Fresh from Clauss Studios are these switch knobs in the original ivory color for 1957-'59 125/150LD Mk3 light switches. Made specifically for GPM brand switches with a 3.5mm square pivot post, these can also be made to fit Aprilia switches with a 4mm square post by enlarging the opening in the knob slightly with a file. Note that they will not fit switches with a round pivot post.
Item #0540.MT, $4.85

Tutto Lambretta Parts Back in Stock

In need of a high quality muffler for your classic Lambretta? Tutto Lambretta mufflers are exact replicas of the original Innocenti items in every way - from their performance and sound to their fit and finish. Tired of that loud, rattly muffler with paint that's flaking off? Get a Tutto Lambretta system - you won't be sorry!

Go here for more info on Tutto Lambretta systems

Tutto Lambretta engine mounts for Series 3 SX/Special/TV/GP models are now available again.

Left side, all SX/Special/TV/GP models (unmarked)
#1201.D, $24.15
Right side, SX/Special/TV (with blue mark)
#1201.DRSX, $36.30

Right side, DL/GP200 (yellow mark)
#1201.DRDL, #36.30

Make the World a Better Place by Learning More About your Scooter

Not sure exactly what model of Lambretta you just bought - or are thinking about buying? Or maybe you just want to learn a little more about the various models produced by Innocenti, Serveta, and SIL over the years? Check out our new Model Locator page in the "New to Lambrettas?" area of our site.

Restored Lambrettas For Sale

Now for sale are two Lambrettas restored here at LambrettaWorks - an Li Series 2 with a GP200 engine and an Italian DL with a GP200 engine. Both scooters are in immaculate condition and are ready to ridden. Check our Scooters For Sale page for more info.

Original Style Brass Bullet Connectors - Finally, after way too much searching, we have found the holy grail of Lambretta electrical connectors - the ubiquitous non-insulated brass male bullet connector with aircraft style crimping. If you're one of those sticklers who demands that every last detail on your scoot be exactly as Innocenti intended, you may want to grab a handful of these; if not, rest assured that the new wiring harness you are thinking about buying will have the correct connectors on it, not some cheesy items from the local auto parts store with blue or red insulators...
Item #0594.C, $.30 each

Flat Top Style Grease Fittings for LD and D Models

Yet another way to make sure that your scoot is just the way Innocenti intended... Okay, so finding a grease gun that fits these isn't easy, but if you must have everything 100% original on your '50's Lambretta, you can now get the original style grease fittings with 14mm flat heads, just like the ones fitted from the factory back in the day.

Item #87010008, $5.45

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